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Well another year end is fast approaching and we look back wondering where 2023 went. Seems to go faster as we age but thankfully we here at Bogle Seeds are in good health and looking forward to 2024.

Our crop year began with much rain making planting a bit late but then a dry period came just in time for the planting to be completed. Funny how things usually work out just in time. Providence? But then the heavens let loose with deluges of rain, actually over 23 inches from mid-June to mid-September. This was way too much rain for our Millet and Sun Flower crops, reducing their yield substantially, but thankfully not destroying their seed quality.

Corn and Wheat responded well to the rainfall but yields were reduced somewhat due to the lack of sunlight and build-up of cloud and forest fire smoke.

It seems more difficult for farmers in this area to produce a good crop of Oats and Barley due to the European Barbary growing in our area. This invasive plant was brought in by early settlers from Europe for hedges. The Barbary fungus, which attacks Oat and Barley crops, over-winters on the Barbary shrub and reduces our yields dramatically the next year so now we usually buy these grains from farmers in areas free from Barbary.

Well that about does it. Whew! So we again wish all our loyal customers and the new ones we joyfully greet, a very Merry Christmas and 2024 Happy New Year. Without you, our customer friends, we would not be farming. Thanks for “Shopping Local” as we do whenever possible.

All the best from the Bogles: Barry & Marlene and Brad, and our “family” employee Ron



As 2022 comes to a close, we are thankful for our health, our labours and our loyal customers, like you, who have kept us in business throughout the past three years of COVID. We are humbled by your faith in us as our sales have dramatically increased in these last three years, while others less fortunate, have lost jobs and even businesses during this devastating pandemic.

Even though our 2022 crop yields have seen a dramatic reduction of 65% due to practically no rain, we have kept our price increases to a bare minimum. Inflation is hard on everyone so we are trying to make it possible for as many new or past customers to keep our wild birds fed. We truly feel our net profit bottom-line isn’t as important right now as in the past, since we need to shoulder this recession together. We must continue to ride this out together for the health of our bird friends. We are sure you are now thinking “Really….just another unfounded sales tactic”. Well check us out, and our competition, then you will believe in us.

Merry Christmas to all and let’s make 2023 the happiest ever! Barry, Marlene and Brad Bogle and our like-family employee Ron Golden



As birdseed prices, and everything else, have escalated, Bogle Seeds have been limiting these increases to the public. We value our loyal customers, like you, and often keep these increases to less than we are being charged. Sure this is bad for our bottom line, but we hope everyone will appreciate this action and remember to continue to buy our products when COVID finally ends and prices hopefully return to normal. Much of our bird seed is grown here on the farm and these products are always less costly than the retail stores. Telling your family and friends about Bogle Seeds would also be appreciated.

The Bogles, Barry, Marlene, Brad



Will 2022 be the year we are all waiting for? Let’s try to forget the last two years of COVID and look positively to 2022. As in the past at this time of a New Year, we reflect on last year’s 2021 experiences here on our Flamborough farm. Spring began the driest in 126 years! Great opportunity to plant all those wet spots which haven’t had a crop in many years but would this dryness carry over into the dry months, July-August? With nearly no rain through June the heavens opened up in July with unheard of 9 inches. Some nearby farms were hailed out, losing all their crops. Others were drowned out. Thankfully, our farm was spared from these disasters and all crops, except sunflowers, yielded bumper yields. As for the sunflowers, the September rains, heat and humidity changed a potentially record crop to an 80% crop loss. The conditions were perfect for White Mould. Some 2550 bags of sunflower from Manitoba have been purchased and although our wholesale price jumped $9 a bag, we will only pass a $3 increase to our loyal customers. Have a GREAT 2022!

The Bogles, Barry, Marlene, Brad


POSTED 2020-Mar-21 (Updated 2020-Apr-10, Aug 22, May 4 & 2022-Jan-17)

During this scary COVID-19 period, BOGLE SEEDS is open for livestock and birdseed sales.

We are practicing best health measures and respectfully ask of you the following:

    * If feeling sick or unwell, please stay home

    * FACE MASKS are mandatory!

    * For PRODUCT PRICING please phone 905-689-4073 prior to coming to our store & have your PAYMENT PRE-COUNTED if possible. Sanitized change        is available

    * If you wish, you may stay in your vehicle & WE WILL COME TO YOU.

    * You may wish to print your order on a piece of paper & leave it in your trunk with your payment for quicker service

    * PAYMENT OPTIONS: CASH or CHEQUE (with proper ID & payable to "B. Bogle") or IN PERSON eTransfer

    * Practice social distancing

    * Make your visit short



POSTED 2020-December-12: What a year was 2020! With the pandemic, to the driest year in many, farming was very challenging. Spring seeding progressed easily as few rains helped the planting season. Even wet-holes, unseeded for several years, were planted to dry ground. All crops germinated and grew well until July's heat and dry conditions hit. July is the "make or break" month and this past July and August hit corn devastatingly hard with very few rains. Farmers know that all the snow and rains in early spring have no affect on corn yields when July droughts occur. This year, the 50% corn, oat and barley yield reduction was hard to accept. Wheat, sunflower and millet yields were mostly average so nature has a way of averaging things out.

Nearing Christmas and New Years, we must do our part to limit our celebrations. Being with family and friends will be impossible this COVID year, so let's remember to visit with them virtually to keep everyone safe. Bogle Seeds, Barry & Marlene Bogle and Brad, wish all our loyal customers happiness, health and good fortune this season and into 2021.


POSTED 2019-May-1 (Revised 2019-Dec-1):

SUNFLOWER Photographic Opportunities 2020

Regretfully, due to the fiasco that occurred in 2018, we will NOT open our farm for pictures again. Please read Nov. 23, 2018 POSTING below for additional information.



POSTED 2019-November-29: What a GREAT growing season 2019 was! After a truly difficult spring planting season, due to a cold, wet and backward spring, all of our crops finally responded to the favourable summer weather and yielded an abundance of high quality grains. Our storage bins are nearly full, therefore, we have an ample supply of all grains for the next year.

We again thank all of our loyal customers, both old and many new, who have come to rely on our superior wild bird seeds and farm feeds.

May you all enjoy this blessed Christmas season and may the New Year bring your fondest desires. THE BOGLES.


POSTED 2018-November-23:

This July was rather bitter-sweet for our farm tourism opportunity. For 8 days, we enjoyed visiting with countless happy photographers on our 70 acres of Sun Flowers. Everyone enjoyed their walks on our field trails, taking breathtaking photos of our many blooms. But then Saturday came! Our farm experience went viral on Instagram. The OPP said 7000+ vehicles on Hwy 6, all stopped unable to move, were wanting to access our property.

This impossible situation forced us to close all access to our farm. But visitors kept coming for several weeks there after, trespassing and destroying areas of our crop. "NO TRESPASSING" signs seem to mean nothing! We are sorry to inform all that we will not be open for visitors in the foreseeable future as the actions of this "flash mob" of people must never be repeated on our farm again. But we survived and we are happy to have had the valuable experience of meeting so many kind visitors, those who respected ourselves, our tranquil farm way-of-life and our picturesque property during the open period.

Thanks to all these new friends we have met and to the many across Canada, Ireland, Great Briton Germany, France, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA etc. who contacted us with encouraging words of support during our difficult and trying time in July.

In spite of this difficult experience, on the whole it was a fantastic year here on the farm. Even though spring planting was delayed due to heavy rains, the rest of the year made up for this. A GREAT growing season ensured us a bountiful harvest.

Please note that although our tourism program is terminated, our SEED SALES are as usual. For times and holiday dates, please see our CONTACT PAGE.

To all our valued and loyal customers and friends, we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY and PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.



POSTED 2017-December-20:


As this special season of the year is upon us, we want to take this opportunity to wish you happy, healthy and safe celebrations as you enjoy the festivities you participate in.

Thank-you to our many loyal customers - we not only appreciate your business, but we really do enjoy the mini visits and conversations that occur when you drop into the farm for products. The best compliment we can receive is when you recommend to your family and friends to purchase their supplies from Bogle Seeds.

All the best to you and yours for 2018...The Bogles


POSTED 2017-November-15:


This 2017 has been the year of unusual weather patterns. From a cool and wet Spring and Summer to a hot and dry Autumn, most crops fared well. Wheat, millet and corn surpassed all expectations with bumper crop yields. Barley and oats were disappointing while sun flowers were hit hard with White Mould (Sclerotinia).

But when taking all into consideration, 2017 has been a good year here at Bogle's Bird Seed Farm. Hope to see you soon for all your birding supplies.

Thanks for your fantastic 5 star ratings on Google!

The Bogles


POSTED 2017-June-23:


After a crazy wet spring, we have finally completed our spring planting. Wheat and oats are all heading out and will be mature and ready for harvesting end of July.

Corn and sunflowers are growing very quickly, especially with the timely rains we are receiving. Millet is also growing well, now just into the 4th leaf.

At present, this looks like a good year here on the farm, but of course, the dry months (July and August) are just ahead. Often we hear... "you farmers are always complaining!". Well, so would everyone else if they too were always at the mercy of the unpredictable weather. The huge amounts of money we have invested in rent, seed, fertilizer, herbicides, equipment and labour are the same on a great crop year as they are on a disastrous year like 2016. We desperately need a "bumper crop" in 2017 in order to build up our depleted inventory. Time will tell!

We continue to appreciate your business and look forward to chatting with you as you make purchases from time-to-time.

The Bogles


POSTED 2017-May-21:   IMPORTANT INFORMATION for those wishing to PHOTOGRAPH our 75 acres of SUNFLOWERS !

We are SORRY that we cannot allow any visitation or photographs to be taken in the fields this year as they are again on rented land for 2017.

These land owners will NOT ALLOW any exceptions to this rule. The POLICE have been called in past years to deal with TRESPASSERS. PLEASE be advised that next year (2018) Sunflowers should be back on our home farm and currently we are planning to open our farm fields to the public in 2018 for two weeks, usually starting in mid July.

Please share this information with your friends and be ready for next year as the flowers will not be grown again on our farm until probably 2021.

Keep your feathered friends happy and healthy - let them enjoy our seed products!

The Bogles


POSTED 2016-Dec-1:

Hoping you have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

We wish to thank all our loyal "Birders" for making 2016 our best sales year ever. We have welcomed countless new customers this year, many by visiting this website and those who have been referred to Bogle Seeds by you. Thank You!

This growing season has been the most challenging in my (Barry) 50 years of farming. The most important factor in crop production has always been the weather and as you know, 2016 was the driest year in 60 years. Therefore, our Sun Flower and Corn crops suffered extensively from the devastating drought. Although yields were down 85% and 65%, respectively, we will have adequate supplies for all of 2017 because of the 2015 bumper crops. These carry-over grains are of the same highest quality we are known for because of our on-farm climate-controlled storage facilities which include aeration, temperature and grain moisture monitoring and regular product rotation, all of which ensure clean, fresh and pure premium seeds. We will sell nothing but the best seeds for our feathered friends. You can count on this promise! The Bogles



Because of the EXTREME DROUGHT, we have been FORCED TO CLOSE our farm to all photographers this year. Please respect this decision. The Sun Flowers are only 35 cm. tall when they should be 2 m. by now. The flower buds are tiny and may never bloom since the plants are now dying from lack of rain. We have lost approximately 60% of our entire crop! Even our parking lot/hay field is much too dry on which to allow any vehicles to park for fear of wild fires.

We are TRULY SORRY for this unforeseen development which is beyond our control but hope to welcome visitors another year.

Thankfully our good and ample supply of quality Wild Bird Seeds, Sun Flower Seeds and Farm Feeds should supply our sales until this time next year.

Please tell your friends of this notice.


NOTICE: It has become necessary to discontinue the sale of our large 88lb/40kg bags of Wild Bird Seeds. We regret having to do this as many of our customers have appreciated this extra large bag. We have considered this move for several years, but with ongoing back injuries and Ministry of Labour guidelines, we feel now is the time to phase in this change of bag size.

We will continue to sell 50lb (22.68kg) sacks of our highest quality bird seeds which we are known for. Although we have built our very successful seed business on large economical sizes, we apologize for this necessary change and hope our loyal customers will understand and continue to have confidence in our superior products. The Bogles

We are now on FACEBOOK (Bogle Seeds), please "like us" and remember Bird Seed sales will be as usual from Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday.


Standard square straw bales are available following the wheat harvesting (check re stock first)

Our straw bales are fresh from the wheat harvest and are available while quantities last. They are standard square and measure 36" in length. See the photo below.


All our crops are now planted and are growing well. Most spring work is now complete except for picking up and removing the stones in the fields. This back breaking job must be completed to prevent damage to our combine during harvest as we often need to cut the mature crop at ground level. This unusually dry Spring has us worried about the prospects of a good crop since July and August are usually our drier months. But as always, time will tell.

POSTED 2015-Dec-1

The Fall harvest has progressed in a very speedy manner. With exceptionally great weather, we have harvested a near average Millet crop, a huge Sun Flower yield but a poor Corn crop. As the SPRING POSTING mentioned, our corn fields were severely damaged by the late frost which has really lowered their yields.

During this Christmas Season, we wish all our friends a joyous Holiday and hope for a rewarding Near Year. Thanks for your continued confidence in our quality seeds and for all your referrals. We appreciate your loyalty.

The Bogles


Our summer harvest is completed. The Wheat, Barley and Oats have yielded a good supply of top quality seeds for our farm animal and poultry feed mixes. The Barley, in particular, is of the largest seeded and highest quality we have ever harvested and will be in demand by our Pigeon feed customers . We also have an excellent supply of CLEAN FRESH WHEAT AND BARLEY STRAW BALES FOR SALE. Soon, we will begin combining Millet, then Sun Flowers and finally Corn in October.


After another harsh winter, a very DRY Spring and now a WET June, all crops have been successfully planted. Our corn fields have been hit hard by the May 29th frost (-4C), killing the leaves but thankfully not the growing point of the small plants. These have begun to regrow. The last two weeks of heavy rains have made it impossible to scuffle (cultivate) the sun flowers to remove the weeds which are flourishing in these fields. Hopefully, the next week will be drier for this necessary activity before the sun flowers grow too tall to drive through. Our wheat and oat fields have "headed out" (seed heads are now "visible"). Millet has just emerged as many small two leafed plants make little lines of green visible down the field. The hay fields should have been cut and baled, before they get too mature and woody, but the four to five dry days required for good drying will not come. We desperately need more warmth and sunshine for the crops to "jump" with rapid growth.


Another GREAT crop has now been harvested. Quality and yields for Millet, Sun Flowers and Corn have been beyond our previous expectations. With the early snowfall this year, we have seen a huge increase in bird seed sales and we wish to thank all our customers for their confidence in our quality seeds.

Here at Bogle Seeds, you do obtain clean and nutritious seeds at extraordinarily low prices. This web site is our main advertising medium so your referrals to friends and neighbours are most appreciated. Our increased yearly sales has allowed us to maintain constant pricing while our competition has raised their ever escalating prices each year. Thanks, The Bogles


Sun flowers WILL be grown on our home farm next year, 2015. We will update this web site next June-July as to the best time for visiting our farm to see 75 acres of Sun Flowers in full bloom, (usually mid July).


After a cool and rainy Summer, we are finally harvesting our crops. We have a great supply of Millet stored in the bin and have begun combining the Sun Flowers. We now need several nice days to complete this task. Since most of the crops are very late in maturing this year, corn will not be dry enough for harvest until November, making combining difficult in this damp and cold time of the year. This wet corn will need to be dried (in a crop Dryer) using more Natural Gas than in a warmer October.


NO sunflowers are grown on Hwy 6 or on our farm this year!   Therefore, our farm is only open to those wishing to buy our Wild Bird Seeds and Farm Feeds.   The sunflowers are growing on a rented farm and the owners do not allow trespassing.

Check back next year as the crop should be flowering on our farm in late July-early August 2015. Thanks for your understanding.


After a cool and very rainy Spring, we have finally completed this planting season. Barley, corn, sun flowers and millet have all emerged and are growing well. Fifteen acres of our farm land could not be planted because of extreme wet conditions. Our winter wheat is now "in head" and should be ready for harvest in early August, at which time, we will have straw bales for sale. Hopefully, the weather will co-operate again this year to supply us with another large "bumper crop".

With the later arrival of Spring 2014, you have probably noticed you are filling your bird feeders more frequently. Spring is much later this year and as a result the natural plant growth has been delayed. This is a busy time for our feathered friends as they build their nests and start feeding their new families. Obviously with the flurry of activities, the birds really appreciate the nutrition they have access to through the bird feeders.

POSTED 2014-May-15   Spring field work & crop update

Machinery repairs, maintenance and equipment upgrades have kept everyone busy over the past few months at the farm. After one of the most severe winters in recent memory and a later than usual arrival of spring, the field work was a little later starting this year.

Barry and Brad have dodged the rainy periods and have managed to cultivate and fertilize most of the farmlands.

Barley has been seeded and over the past week has emerged with a welcome carpet of green foliage. Most of the corn has been planted and depending on field conditions, sunflower seeds will be placed in the ground in the near future. Millet will be the last in the series of crops to be planted and that will likely occur in early June.

POSTED 2014-Jan-26   Winter is for the birds!

After an abundant Fall harvest, most of our Winter activities are centered around seed processing, bagging the products and plowing snow. The Winter so far has been quite a challenge. The farm was without hydro for 65 hours during the recent ice storm and polar vortex. Fortunately we have a generator for supplying backup power. Below is a photo showing the ice damage on the large tree adjacent to our home.

Ice Storm - 2014

POSTED 2013-Nov-2   Fall Harvest Is Under Way

This is a very busy time of the year here on the farm with long days which often carry into the night. Crops need to be harvested quickly to avoid being destroyed by the Fall rains

Sunflowers and Millet have been combined, dried and stored. Both yielded a fine crop of superb quality.

Corn harvest is nearing completion with a much larger than average yield.

This has been a "Bumper Crop" year or a "Bin Buster" of a year as my forefathers would have bragged about. These special years only come along once or twice in a lifetime!

POSTED 2013-Mar-23   Spring Update

We thank all of our customers for their confidence in our seed quality, helping us to experience an exceptional season for bird seed sales. After a long, cold and snowy Winter, we are all awaiting Spring. All of our farm equipment has been serviced and is ready to go. As weather permits, we will be planting Oats in April, then Corn and Sun Flowers in May and Millet in early June. As always, we hope for timely rains throughout our growing season, April to October.

POSTED 2012-Dec-27   Winter crop and other activities on our farm

The Bogle Family hope that your Christmas celebration was full of good cheer and that you have a Happy and Healthy New Year! With the setting in of Winter, very little is happening in the fields. The Winter Wheat that was planted in the Fall is now up about 4". The recent snow fall has covered the crop with an "insulating" blanket and this will greatly help reduce any "Winter Kill" which occurs when the plants are exposed to severe Winter frost conditions. Of course a good blanket of snow also provides much needed moisture when it melts.

Most of the farm grounds have been disced to work the humus into the soil. Fertilizing will take place in the Spring to fortify the earth.

During the Winter Months we are busy selling bird seed to enable our feathered friends to have a supply of food especially when snow is covering their feeding areas. We are also continually cleaning, mixing and packaging our bird seed products ready for customers. When you come out to the farm, you are welcome to view these activities and have Barry, Marlene or Brad explain how the process works.

As happens on any farm, there is always maintenance and repair work to be done on the machinery. Brad and Barry do as much of this over the Winter as possible in their shop so when Spring arrives, they are ready to launch into the field work.

POSTED 2012-Oct-25   Crop Report and activities in the fields

Wheat and Oats were harvested in late July, average crop, outstanding quality.

Millet crop was below average yield due to the drought.

Sunflowers were combined late September. A better than expected yield was due to the plant's tap root ability to draw water from deep in the soil.

All of the corn crop has been harvested. The disappointing yield was certainly due to the long drought.

Remaining work to be done this Fall includes chopping the corn stalks and discing them into the soil, which will speed up their decomposition, providing the soil with a layer of beneficial organic matter.

POSTED 2012-Jul-14   Standard square straw bales are available following the wheat harvesting (check re stock first)

Our straw bales are fresh from the wheat harvest and are available while quantities last. They are standard square and measure 36" in length. See the photo below.

POSTED 2012-Jul-14   Our current crop status

Wheat: This has been harvested and we had an average crop this year.

Sunflowers: Noticeably suffering from the drought conditions we have experienced for several weeks. They are almost in flower now.

Corn: The plants are about to tassle and pollinate. This crop is also suffering severely from the drought.

Oats: In approximately one week we will be combining the oat crop. The yield looks good with respect to both quality and quantity.

Millet: So far the plants are very short and they are "heading out" ready for pollination which doesn't allow proper seed formation. We are looking for rain to help this situation.

POSTED 2012-Jun-12

The Spring of 2012 was one of the driest in many years. The crops are progressing nicely thanks to the recent rains we have received. The rain has lessened the possibility of our crops ripening prematurely. Our observations in the field indicate that this will not be the case.

Our corn crop is thriving and growing rapidly. Presently it is over two feet high indicating that we should have an excellent crop this year.

Wheat and oats look like they will be on schedule for harvesting in mid to late July.

We are presently cultivating the sunflower fields. The plants are up around 8" and are thriving nicely.

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