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Bogle Seeds

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Our Bogle ancestors came from an area called Castlemellan, near Strabane N. Ireland in 1842, because of the Potato Famine. They settled in Oneida Township between Caledonia and Hagersville before moving to this Flamborough farm in 1874.

The above photo, taken on the present farm property, shows 2 generations of the Bogle Family.

Presently this family farm located in Flamborough, now part of the City of Hamilton Ontario, is operated as a partnership by Barry, his wife Marlene and their son Brad. After graduating from the University of Guelph in 1967, Barry started working on the farm along with his father. Barry and Marlene were married in 1969 and raised three children (two girls and a boy) while continuing to run the farm. In 1997, after Barry’s father was no longer able to continue farming, Barry, Marlene and Brad formed the owner/operator partnership that continues today.

Our newest family member, Audrey, Brad’s new wife, is now taking a very active role in this family business by helping with sales, bird seed mixing and bagging. She is also helping with spring planting by driving the tractor, disking and cultivating.

At this time Barry and Brad do most of the field work (cultivating, planting, spraying & harvesting) and the seed processing back at the barn. Marlene is a vital part of the operation. She keeps busy maintaining the flower beds, grass, feeding the livestock (chickens & cats), carrying out her “domestic engineering” duties as well as purchasing all of the products not produced on the farm. Among the items that Marlene purchases are various feeders, suet, nyjer and peanuts.

The Bogles always extend a warm welcome to folks who would like to come to the farm during business hours. Visiting the farm takes you back in time as you view the processing equipment in the historical barn along with such items as the “hay elevator” (still in place) that was used by their ancestors.

Six generations have been farming at this location, beginning with mixed farming, bee keeping and potato, millet and pedigreed seed production. In 1970, we became the first to commercially grow sunflowers in Ontario. At present, we market most of our 250 acres of various grain crops through our retail farm store. We are the largest continuous grower of sunflowers in the province, selling our 75 acre crop through this retail/wholesale farm business.

Onsite storage, processing and mixing of our farm grown grains has allowed us to market a superior wild bird seed product, always maintaining our highest quality standards at discount “farm gate prices”. These products, in excess of 300 tons sold each year, have distinguished our brand above all others. Our motto, “WE GROW – YOU SAVE” is so aptly true, as you will realize with your first visit to our farm store, situated in our historic 1882 barn.

Our prices always remain lower than our competition for several reasons:

We also sell “Specialty Seeds” and wild bird feeders including “The Squirrel Buster”.

In addition to the bird seed, we also offer farm feeds such as extra cleaned horse oats, whole and cracked corn, ground corn chop and whole grain mixes and prepared feeds for chickens, rabbits, ducks, geese and sheep.

NOTE: We accept CASH or CHEQUE (with ID)

Barry helping a customer load seed bags
Marlene explaining the "Squirrel Buster" Feeder to a customer
Brad "Scuffling" Sunflowers

Barry combining millet
Winter on the Bogle farm
Bogle's Mascot - "Henry the Heron" Guards the store.

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