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Bogle Seeds - Hamilton Ontario


Aerial Photo taken by Shawn Price of GROMA Technical Services
Photo of Sales/Stock Barn by Robert Brown

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     Barry & Marlene and Brad & Audrey, the Bogles, warmly welcome you to our website. We hope you’ll spend a few relaxing moments to get familiar with our products and services. Be sure and come out to visit our country farm and experience our quiet country setting. Bogle Seeds Farm is located in Flamborough, an area municipality now part of the City of Hamilton Ontario. You can observe how our wild bird seed (wild birdfeed) mixes are processed, have a friendly chat and take some of our products home with you for your feathered friends.

      Six generations have been farming at this location since 1874, beginning with mixed farming, bee keeping and potato, millet and pedigreed seed production. In 1970, we became the first to commercially grow sunflowers in Ontario. At present, we market most of our 250 acres of various grain crops through our retail farm store. In our area it has become a very popular activity to provide wild bird feed to help the birds find suitable nutrition.

     We are the largest continuous grower of sunflowers in Ontario Canada, selling our 75 acre crop through this retail/wholesale farm business. During the years we grow Sun Flowers on our home farm, many photographers and painters gather here for two weeks in July, to admire and capture the flowering spectacle.

"We Grow - You Save!"

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